Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newest Button Display: Moleskin Journals!

I love these antique metal buttons...
I found them amongst MORE buttons!

I think they will be perfect on some little Moleskin journals!

So many interesting things get mixed into old button boxes...
Shoe buckles, pins and beads, oh my!

Molecule/geek buttons!

I love glass buttons... and this one is a mirror!
These black beads go perfectly with...

Black lace. Need I say more?
This lace is probably from the late 1800's.
I can see it on a journal :)

Even blue lace! So much fabric and buttons!

This is the prettiest ribbon I've ever seen.
It is velvety feeling and two toned like silk velvet.
Have an awesome rest of your week!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Giveaway Winners and Sewing Buttons in the Sun!

I decided to go outside and sew some buttons in the lovely weather
while my momma mowed the lawn and did a little gardening,
(taking advantage of summer vacation!)

These teeny tiny buttons are glass... They completely

I've decided that my little Canvas Button Cards should be
more of what I find in my button box... This "thing"
I imagine on a lovely dress from way back when...
I just love it! And those little China buttons
(the five off to the right) are so, so small!

I finally got around to my giveaway and Marie from Spun By Me won the calendar...
and the Paper Pumpkin won my little crow!
Congratulations :)

More unique black glass...
So interesting and so detailed...

I will be listing these on my Etsy shop today
so keep a lookout for one you think is cute!

Have an awesome rest of your day...
I'm thinking of all of you and yours along the east cost as Irene hits!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Antique Glass Buttons & Michelle Palmer 2012 Calendar Giveaway!

My brand new blog GIVEAWAY!
Sunday August 21st!
There are three ways to win this canvas button card;
"Somethin' to Crow About"
1. Leave a comment
2. Follow my blog
3. Post my giveaway on your blog...

This lovely crow has five rare, antique black glass buttons
sewn to a little string he must have found...

You can find more like him at my Etsy shop!

If you post my Crow giveaway on your blog
(and comment to let me know),
You will have the chance to win
 Michelle L. Palmer's (my mom!) new 2012 calendar!
This is my favorite yet!
AND it's hand signed by the awesome artist~

Love the nature-y cover!

I wish I had inherited her handwriting...

September... My favorite month!
Can you believe it's almost fall?

Oooooh... Ahhh!

Enter to win! She's the best...
Thank you for the head start, Momma!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nice to meet you... I love China Buttons

Hello! I'm Alaina and welcome to my blog!
I look forward to sharing some of my quirky collections,
new canvas button cards on my Etsy, and much more with you!

So colorful!
My favorite buttons are China Stencil Buttons, 
as seen by the massive amount I have hoarded in these photographs.

There are sooo many different stencil patterns for these ivory China buttons.
I own a book, Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons...
Whata button nerd!

I love these... The first two (from left to right) are bone.
These little impostors made it into my China collection, because they're so cute!

Oh my! That's me in the middle!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you'll visit again...
For now I will return to my needle and thread box
to start some new pieces for my next post!