Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newest Button Display: Moleskin Journals!

I love these antique metal buttons...
I found them amongst MORE buttons!

I think they will be perfect on some little Moleskin journals!

So many interesting things get mixed into old button boxes...
Shoe buckles, pins and beads, oh my!

Molecule/geek buttons!

I love glass buttons... and this one is a mirror!
These black beads go perfectly with...

Black lace. Need I say more?
This lace is probably from the late 1800's.
I can see it on a journal :)

Even blue lace! So much fabric and buttons!

This is the prettiest ribbon I've ever seen.
It is velvety feeling and two toned like silk velvet.
Have an awesome rest of your week!


  1. Very pretty! Buttons sure are fun. Speaking of fun, my package arrived from you! Thank you so much! I just love my crow with the gorgeous black buttons!! Thank you again for your generous giveaway! I love it! Kathy

  2. Your buttons remind me of some that I have. My mother collected buttons and she never knew what she was going to use them for. I like the ones that you made flowers out of. They are so pretty. A new Missouri friend

  3. I have yet to meet a button I don't like, as my 14 jars lined up on my shelf in my studio will attest!

  4. What Fun! Love the geek button!

    Great site ♥

  5. I love those Victorian glass buttons.

  6. Looking forward to you newest creations! I wonder what we'll see . . .

    Deb :o)

  7. Morning I found you while visiting Spun By Me. Love buttons so I am now a follower. My Grandmother had an old Sharps Toffee tin full of buttons and we were only allowed to play with it, as children, if we were ill! I so wish I had that tin of buttons! I have recently started to look in Charity shops and Boot sales and buy any buttons, trying to get a tin together for my Granchildren to play with!

  8. as a kid I always played for hours withe the box with buttons. I recognize them, the old ones you showed on this blog. ( I am 61jr.)Like to see this and the lace too.
    kind regards Mieke