Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Finds! Antique Style...

What a week!
First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers!
I love reading all of your comments and I treasure your ideas!

Usually my momma and I wake up early to go out to
the mall for Black Friday.

But this year we didn't really need anything.

So, as the strangest-of-strange crafty people do...

We thought we needed more antique supplies.

And a good road trip!!

So we set on our merry way to Ithaca.

We knew that there were some nifty shops in Trumansburg
(on the way to Ithaca)...

And a HUGE antique mall just outside the 
'Gorgeous' city...

We found some stuff! 
(insert evil little smiley face here)

I saw a cigar box... And I have so many...
I just had to look inside (usually there isn't anything)

FULL to the brim with these buttons!
And I didn't even have to wash them!
So bizarre... 

All kinds of colors... plastic and vegetable...

And then... Two super vintage mugs!

 I enjoy the clear glass measuring cups for water when I paint...

And this peace mug was so adorable!


LOVE this side even more!

And then... We were headed home.
After a successful day trip we decided that we still had more in us.

So we went to an even BIGGER antique mall closer to home.
This enamel bowl was so modern and clean...
I was amazed and so it came home with me :)

I need to visit Finland next...

I think every mushroom is different...
I've just never really seen anything like it!

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving...
I know it was great to see family again.

Have a great Sunday!
Much love!


  1. oooooh - I would have snapped up that button box too! The bowl looks definitely zentangle-ish - great find.

  2. Goodness! You found some wonderful treasures. Love the buttons of course...what's not to love about buttons! The mushroom bowl is my favorite cute and so unique!

  3. Hello!
    Рада знакомству!

  4. Great treasures you acquired. I adore your buttons and look forward to lots of beautiful creative pieces. Very unique mushroom bowl. Blissful inspirations...

  5. Happy Thanksgiving When I see your buttons laying out I always wonder what you will use them for next. You and your mother are both so talented. The buttons bring back many wonderful memories. When something would wear out we always would cut off the buttons and put them in the magical jar as we called when we were young. It was one way of being taught to use scissors. I wish the weekend would continue a little longer. Take care Your Missouri Friend

  6. I am just plain envious - I love buttons so much. I am in the process of making my daughter a button box. No antique buttons yet, but whereever I go I buy some really special looking ones to add to her box!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  7. Wow, you did fantastic. What a great collection of buttons. However, I take umbrage with the "vintage" comment about the peace mug. I suspect it's a child of the 60's and since I am too and don't feel vintage (although my son would disagree) let's just call it "far out"! :0)

  8. Ooooh! What a treasure you have found!!!! Let me tell you about that bowl a little. It is designed by Kaj Franck ( a famous Finnish designer - maybe you have heard about him?) The mushroom pattern is designed Esteri Tomula who was very talented artist also. The bowl is made in the the early 70´s and I can see it is in excellent condition. Your find´s value is from 85 to 100 euros. So you are a VERY lucky girl :-)). The bowl is also very popular item among the collectors here in Finland.

    Have a nice day!

  9. sounds like you and your mum had a perfect day!

  10. I love that ceramic decoration. There is something quirky about it without being strange.