Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grandma's Love... Old Photographs

I love old photographs...
But this is probably my favorite.
This week my grandma passed away and joined my

Isn't it a beautiful picture?

I always thought my grandpa was the most handsome man in the world...

She was a factory worker and he was a mechanic.

She used to tell me about the bright red lipstick she used to wear and the pantyhose.
"The line up the back of your legs had to be straight and perfect... or the look was off
 and if we didn't have the money for them, we painted the lines on our legs!"

Grandma was one of 14 and Grandpa was one of 13...
I have a LOT of cousins!
Friends went to her service and asked me who was family...
There were 60+ people there and I said proudly,
"Every single one!"

I love having a big family... The memories, the jokes!

There are five of Grandma's siblings left-
They all talk of their dancing and bowling days from so long ago!


I promise my next post will be about buttons!
Have an awesome Columbus Day!



  1. The picture is indeed lovely. So sorry for your loss, but it's wonderful you have such memories. Thanks for visiting and following Buttermilk Cottage. Please come back often. I've just become your newest follower.

  2. That photo of your grandma and grandpa is beautiful. Your Grandma was a gorgeous woman, I am sorry for your loss. Your big, wonderful family will certainly be a comfort. Blessings to you all, kathy

  3. Such a handsome couple! I'm sure they are happy to be together now.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss!
    Hugs, Gunilla

  5. Alaina,
    This post about your Grandma and Grandpa makes my heart smile. It's so sad when we lose a cherished loved one . . . but you seem to have embraced the fact with love and fond memories. I think that's wonderful. Prayers to you and your family, sweetie!
    Deb :o)