Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sculpture Project! Twine, Balloons & Spray Paint!

Hello! I'm taking a sculpture course this year and wanted to
show you all what I was up to! 

I've been sad that I haven't had the chance to blog...

But tie-dye balloons are AMAZING!

I couldn't stop blowing them up! 
I used about half of the bag...

We were modeling Henry Moore's reclining figures

I taped all these lovely balloons together in an abstracted body-like figure.

Then I soaked Hemp Jute in Modge Podge!
Messy, messy, messy!

Complete balloon figure...

 The jute didn't want to dry! Too cold and damp out!

 Almost the finished product! I think I will spray paint it another color...
Perhaps I'll slather it in several acrylic colors! :)

I think the white is boring...

Ooh!! Red, Blue and yellow?

An abstract Odalisque!

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  1. No buttons? Sorry, but I couldn't resist saying that. What a great way to make a figure...I would never have thought of putting balloons inside.