Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Crafty Friends!

Today I was listing a few of my vintage clip on earring pairs on Etsy...
and my cat Tippy decided to stop by.
I love cats, BUT they are mischievous little creatures!

Then I needed a way to display dangling earrings...
That's where my favorite porcelain giraffe, Avery, came in.
Avery is a family name... 
When I was coming up with a name for my business I automatically thought:
Avery Hill.
Later my grandfather told me that my great-great-great-great(?)
grandmother used to head her letters in quill & ink
as Avery Hill.


These are the earrings left over that are not in pairs...
What should I do with them? :)

I hope you have had an awesome weekend!



  1. Hey Avery-
    You are the winner of my contest giveaway. Your prize is the cute little knitted Pinky sheep. Please email me your address so that I can mail this little sweetie to you!


  2. Great collection, they are fascinating to just look at and enjoy.
    I loved your photograph of your grandma, you must hang on to all those wonderful memories. Just popped by at your mums to see all her wonderful work.

  3. An idea for all those single ear-rings could be to sew them into a cushion, maybe arranged as flowers in a garden? That way they could be displayed without getting lost.